What to do with the money you make online

What to do with the money you make online

June 4th, 2007 @ // One Comment

Some readers coming from John Chow dot Com, might be wondering if I make money on-line.

Showing big checks and bragging is not my style, but I do understand most people want proof. Instead of showing checks, bank statements, etc. I am just going to show you what I do with the money my companies make for me.

I just added pictures from my nice little golf villa in Casa de Campo. I bought it last year and I recently remodeled it.

If you want to have an idea how much it costs, here is the current list of villas for sale at Casa de Campo. You can alternatively do a search in Google for “buy villa in casa de campo”.

Remember I don’t live there, it’s just for renting and relaxing.

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One Comment → “What to do with the money you make online”

  1. Frank Aybar

    6 years ago

    I've seem your villa in the pictures. Very nice.


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