Recording of the Inaugural RankSense SEO Webinar Now Available

Recording of the Inaugural RankSense SEO Webinar Now Available

October 21st, 2008 @ // 8 Comments

Recording of the Inaugural RankSense SEO Webinar Now Available


On Friday, we organized the very first RankSense SEO webinar entitled Searching for Results. If you missed the webinar you can access a recording of the live event here

During this inaugural webinar, Hamlet covered several key SEO topics including:

  • Solutions to Common SEO Problems
  • Creating successful content
  • How to attract successful traffic
  • How to use the “Brand Hijacker” technique to attract visitors
  • A look at the concept of link opportunity
  • Viral Link Building
  • How to scale your SEO efforts
  • Hamlet’s SEO mind map

The SEO Mind Map
My personal favorite was a look at Hamlet’s SEO mind map. I think this mind map is a good visual representation of what SEO is all about and how a good SEO campaign is developed and implemented. The chart summarizes all of the key steps involved in the often complex SEO process.

More SEO Webinars coming soon…
We will be organizing future webinars as well. Be sure to add your name to our mailing list to receive exclusive invitations to future live webinars. If you have any suggestions as to what type of topics you’d like to see covered, do let us know! You can contact me directly at [email protected]. Your suggestions are always appreciated and valued. =)

About Edna Rodriguez – Connect with me on LinkedIn.
Edna is Director of Business Development at NEMedia, the creators of the RankSense SEO suite. A native of the Dominican Republic, Edna was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico and grew up in Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic. Prior to joining NEMedia, Edna resided in Atlanta, GA where she was Senior Program Officer at the Atlanta Women’s Foundation. On her spare time Edna enjoys spending time with her kids, reading, learning about SEO and working on her small business projects.

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8 Comments → “Recording of the Inaugural RankSense SEO Webinar Now Available”

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  2. Dee Ford

    5 years ago

    Nice work! Any plans for future webinars? Any of your favorite on-page techniques, aka. your "secret sauce"


  3. Paul

    5 years ago

    I like the mind-map. SEO is such a complex and interwoven subject so it's really difficult to explain to the average Joe. Quite often if you try to simplify things, you get accused of being simplistic – duh.

    Good work.


  4. TomL

    5 years ago

    Webinars are excellent for learning new things.When will the next one be? I would like to attend.


  5. Kyle Howard

    5 years ago

    Nice free resource. I posted about it with a link on my MoneyVac blog. Hope to see more of these.


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  7. Mark Houston

    5 years ago

    Awesome! Thanks for the link!

    –Have a happy new year : D


  8. Peter Ridell

    3 years ago


    I notice there's no comments since 2008, is the software no longer available?


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