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How to Get Googlebot to “Teach You” Advanced SEO

January 30th, 2012 @ // 9 Comments

How to Get Googlebot to “Teach You” Advanced SEO

I recently worked on an enterprise-level client’s non-SEO related project where the goal was to confirm or deny that their new product: 1)  Was not doing anything that could be considered black hat. 2)  Was providing any SEO benefit for their clients. The problems you face with projects like this is that Google doesn’t provide […]

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LinkingHood v0.2 – Find all your supplemental pages with ease

August 3rd, 2007 @ // One Comment

As it is well known by now, Google decided to remove the supplemental label from pages it adds to its supplemental index. That is unfortunate because pages that are labeled this way need some “link lovin’.” How are we going to give those pages the love they need if we are not able to identify […]

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Controlling Your Robots: Using the X-Robots-Tag HTTP header with Googlebot

August 1st, 2007 @ // 10 Comments

We have discussed before how to control Googlebot via robots.txt and meta robot tags. Both methods have limitations. With robots.txt you can block the crawling of any page or directory, but you cannot control the indexing, caching or snippets. With the robots meta tag you can control crawling, caching and snippets but you can only […]

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LongTailMiner v0.1 alpha — find invisible Long Tail keywords

May 31st, 2007 @ // 6 Comments

I’m really enjoying this blogging thing! Every comment I am getting from my readers is a new idea that I feel rushed to put into practice. My reader, Andrea, mentioned she parses log files to mine for keywords as well. That is an excellent idea. I decided to put that idea into code and here […]

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LinkingHood v0.1 alpha — Improve your PageRank distribution

May 30th, 2007 @ // 7 Comments

As I promised to one of my readers, here is the first version of the code to mine log files for linking relationship information. I named it LinkingHood as the intention is to take link juice from the rich to give to the poor linking sites. I wrote it in Python for clarity ( I […]

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Log based link analysis for improved PageRank

May 29th, 2007 @ // 17 Comments

While top website analytics packages offer pretty much anything you might needto find actionable data to improve your site, there are situations where we need to dig deeper to identify vital information. One of such situations came to light in a post by randfish of writes about the problem with most enterprise-size websites, they […]

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