The Company is a Cruise reviews website that helps you find the right cruise line, destination, or ship, by providing you with unbiased opinions from fellow cruisers to help you make your decision. also provides a social platform for cruisers to ask and answer questions and get to know each other before upcoming cruises.

The Challenge

Correct Technical Issues on Over 100k Pages

We have 2 primary challenges – first, we are a new site, making ourselves known to cruise travelers as a new way to research their cruise and second, our site has over 100K pages and at this size, technical issues were preventing us from ranking on search for our target keywords.

Our Approach

We took a technical approach in helping with their SEO efforts. First, we audited their website from a technical SEO perspective, and then we informed them of the issues that their site was encountering. We then gave them recommendations on how to fix these issues. We also performed a link analysis for them, assisted them with keyword research, and offered them content ideas.

The Solution

Our solution for helping came from the implementation of the recommendations that we offered them.

We thoroughly analyzed every single aspect of their website, to make sure that every possible step could be taken to better their site from a technical SEO viewpoint. We were there to walk through each step of our recommendations and helped them whenever they had any questions or issues regarding the implementation process.

The Results

We are very proud to say that after working with they have seen significant growth through SEO. As they state:

Hamlet’s 4-week audit produced a list of about 25 action items. He sorted them by potential impact and effort and we could focus on the quick wins. Once we implemented the majority of his recommendations, we saw a 50% increase in our organic traffic. In a few months, we doubled our traffic (from the initial audit). I think Hamlet identified some critical technical issues that were hindering Google’s search engine to crawl our site appropriately.

We are also happy to report that are still very happy with their decision to hire us to aide them with their SEO efforts. As they say:

I would recommend Hamlet to any site looking to improve their SEO results – specifically large, complex sites that are looking to reach a niche audience. I also appreciate Hamlet’s continued generosity of his time when we have questions.