The Company

Garrett Wade is a distributer of quality tools that has been in business since 1975. Their transactions mainly come from online sales and catalog sales, so SEO plays a major role in their business activities. Garrett Wade has been working with the Hamlet Batista Group for the past year.

The Challenge

Increase Traffic & Increase Revenue

Like many e-commerce companies, Garrett Wade’s purpose for pursuing a better understanding of SEO was to increase traffic to their website, so that their online sales and revenue could then increase.

Garrett Wade turned to the Hamlet Batista Group because they were not happy with the amount of organic traffic that they were receiving through SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), and wanted to increase their SEO revenue.

Our Approach

We took a technical approach in helping Garrett Wade with their SEO efforts. Leaving no stone unturned, we thoroughly scrutinized the technical SEO of their website and compiled a detailed report outlining and defining the issues their site was encountering, which included:

  • Faceted navigation URLs issues
  • Sitemaps did not include a significant number of canonical URLs
  • Site architecture was not search optimal for efficient crawling and indexation
  • Pagination issues limited the ranking ability of vital pages
  • A significant number of duplicate meta descriptions existed
  • Internal search results were not blocked
  • The site did not contain rich snippets or markup

We also performed an in-depth competitor link analysis for them, assisted them with keyword research, and offered them strategic content ideas.

The Solution

The solution for increasing organic traffic for Garrett Wade emerged through the implementation of our recommendations. As they stated:

These efforts are due to Hamlet’s deep dive into our site, structure, and set up from an SEO perspective.

As part of our extensive examination of their website, we outlined specific actions they could take to better their site from a technical SEO viewpoint. These included, but were not limited to, the following:

  • Add “NoFollow” tags to all faceted navigation links to avoid duplicate content issues.
  • Create updated sitemaps that contain all canonical URLs and submit sitemaps for videos and images.
  • Change relative links to absolute links to avoid potential crawling problems.
  • Minimize duplicate pages by standardizing URLs, eliminating unnecessary URL variables, and using 301 redirects when needed.
  • Improve body copy on pages with <100 words.
  • Create unique and compelling page titles and descriptions for each page.
  • Implement rich snippets and markup to pages.
  • Add “noindex,nofollow” meta tags to search result pages, then edit robots.txt to block those pages, once Google has dropped them from the index.
  • Implement “rel = prev” or “rel = next” on each page in a paginated set of pages, or utilize a “view-all” option when pages would not be excessively long.

We walked Garrett Wade through each step of our recommendations. Our team of qualified analytical technicians then monitored and reported on the impact of the changes made. Moreover, we were readily available to them whenever they had any questions or issues regarding the implementation process. As Mr. Winer confirms:

Hamlet has been a huge asset to my company and our overall efforts to drive more qualified traffic to our site. I can honestly say that when any SEO or Webmaster Tools questions come up, Hamlet is my “go to” resource. I make it a “must do” to run any SEO change on our site by him first.

The Results

We are very proud to report that our work with Garrett Wade has resulted in massive growth in organic traffic due to the SEO improvements they implemented. The numbers speak volumes, as they report:

Year over year we’ve seen a massive 234% increase in visits, 159% increase in SEO revenue, and a 4.4% increase in time on page for these visitors.

We continue to work with Garrett Wade and are happy to report that they remain extremely happy with their decision to enlist us to help them with their SEO efforts. Mr. Winer had this to say:

He would have been worth it to us at twice the price. Hamlet – thank you!