The Company

Leonisa is an e-commerce business that made the Inc. 5,000 list for America’s fastest growing companies in 2012. They are an internationally preferred lifestyle brand by women in more than 9 countries. They are known for the lowest cited women’s intimate apparel in shape or brand as a category leader, selling more than 37 million garments a year.

The Challenge

Fix Low Incoming Traffic from Organic Search

Leonisa had a troubling issue with incoming traffic from organic search. As they state:

We noticed there was a huge gap on the percentage of traffic from our SEO and the industry standard. On average, a site must be anywhere between 30-40% of organic traffic, and we had only 8% back in the summer of 2012.

They were in desperate need to grow their organic traffic, as incoming traffic from this source is vital for attaining new leads, and potentially new customers.

Our Approach

The scope of the initial challenge was to improve low incoming traffic from organic search. However, after a vigorous analysis of their website by our team of savvy SEO technical experts, we discovered several issues that were deterring that directive. The culprit issues included:

  • Low link equity
  • Pages that should be blocked to search bots in robots.txt were not being blocked
  • Non-canonical links were included in the sitemaps
  • Duplicate content issues
  • A significant number of 404 errors (stale content)
  • Incorrect DOCTYPE and redirect directives on their mobile site
  • No site sitemap for the mobile site
  • No sitemap for secure pages (https)
  • Pagination issues
  • Encoding issues
  • Geo targeting issues
  • Insufficient keyword themes

We then conducted a competitor link analysis that included strategic content creation ideas, provided example page titles and Meta descriptions, and outlined detailed instructions for effective keyword research.

Our team then worked together to compile a comprehensive report on our findings. The report detailed precise and prioritized recommendations on how to resolve the technical issues of their site and grow its organic traffic. As Mr. Yacaman recalls:

Several weeks after he started the project, we got an 80+-page report full of actionable recommendations to improve our SEO ranking. The report was organized by subject and priority level so I was able to work first on the low hanging fruit that would boost faster organic traffic.

The Solution

The solution for Leonisa became evident during our intense SEO investigation and the execution of the actionable steps we provided to them. Our recommendations included:

  • Create content that could help build their site’s link equity
  • Edit robots.txt files to block pages only users should see, such as internal search results, the shopping cart, and user account management pages.
  • Create updated sitemaps that contain only canonical URLs.
  • Create unique and compelling page titles and descriptions for each page.
  • Fix 404 errors by 301 redirecting those pages to similar content
  • Implement correct DOCTYPE for mobile website pages
  • Utilize 301 permanent redirects to the mobile site, rather than temporary redirects.
  • Create and submit a mobile sitemap
  • Create and submit a robots.txt for https pages
  • Implement “rel = prev” or “rel = next” on each page in a paginated set of pages, or utilize a “view-all” option when pages would not be excessively long.

Furthermore, we walked the Leonisa team through every step of the process and were on call to help them whenever they had any questions or issues during their progress with the implementation of our recommendations. They profess:

Working with Hamlet has been a great experience. I found him very open to sharing his knowledge and taking time to explain every detail of the audit. Not only is he tech savvy and knows how to code a site to make it SEO friendly, he can also audit other areas of SEO, such as content creation and link building.

The Results

We are extremely pleased to report that after working with Leonisa they have seen their organic search traffic increase significantly. As they affirm:

We finished implementing all code updates in November 2012, and as of January 2013, we had an increase of search traffic by 97%. As of February 2013, we saw a similar significant increase in organic traffic by 70%. Most significantly, we have duplicated our SEO revenue. Finally, in the Google Webmaster Tool, we are now close to “zero” crawling errors and HTML suggestions, and we have eliminated all signs of duplicate content, improving link equity per page.

Leonisa is immensely satisfied with the work we have done for them, which they readily proclaim:

All of these improvements were achieved by applying SEO best practices on the site’s code, although we have not done any link building. So, I feel confident in my decision to strongly recommend Hamlet Batista for your SEO needs.