The Company

Marco is one of the industry’s leading providers of ‘Promotional Products’. They provide a complete selection of high-quality, custom printed marketing items and identification solutions and supplies backed by superior service.

The Challenge

Fix Suspect Links & Remove Google Penalties

Marco had previously hired another SEO agency which resulted in them incurring Google penalties. Marco then hired the Hamlet Batista Group to help them fix the issues that the other agency created and to help them remove their Google penalties. As they state:

Unfortunately, I spent a significant amount of money with an agency that had promised to take us to SEO Heaven but instead took us the other direction. We probably should have been quicker to see the problem but after a few months, we noticed a spike in traffic but not much coming from the increased traffic. As it turned out, they’d built thousands upon thousands on incoming links of suspect origin and shortly thereafter, we went to Google jail when they hit us with a manual penalty…obviously we were in a bad spot.

Our Approach

We took a technical approach in helping Marco with their SEO efforts. First, we reviewed each of their incoming links to find out which specific links caused the Google penalties. Second, we audited their website from a technical SEO perspective, and then we informed them of the issues that their site was encountering. We then gave them recommendations on how to fix these issues.

The Solution

Our solution for helping Marco came from the implementation of the recommendations that we offered them.

We systematically reviewed each of their incoming links in order to remove the penalty that Google gave them due to link spam.

We then thoroughly analyzed every single aspect of their website, to make sure that every possible step could be taken to better their site from a technical SEO viewpoint. We were there to walk Marco through each step of our recommendations and helped them whenever they had any questions or issues regarding the implementation process.

The Results

We are very proud to say that after working with Marco they have had their Google penalties removed and we helped them fix other SEO issues they had. As they state:

Hamlet was a lifesaver for us. He told us going in that the fix would not happen overnight, as the magnitude of the problem was significant. Within 90 days, a shorter amount of time than he’d originally promised, Hamlet got our penalty removed. He also identified issues on our site that needed to be fixed and guided us through the process of making these changes. Once we were out of Google jail and had fixed the issues on our site, Hamlet helped us develop and execute a strategy to attract more valued buyers…helping us develop our site as a resource, or destination for others looking to make their business or event a success.

We are also happy to report that Marco are still very happy with their decision to hire us to aide them with their SEO efforts. As they say:

Hamlet is very knowledgeable when it comes to technical issues and can quickly rally his team to rescue or improve a site. He was able to interact with our own site developers to facilitate implementation of best practices. I thought Hamlet was particularly helpful in guiding us through the process…setting the list of priorities and then executing on them. If you work with Hamlet, you’ll quickly discover that there is not an SEO road he has not been down and you’ll be getting the benefit of his exposure to what works and doesn’t work with his other clients. On top of that, Hamlet is an easy and fun guy to work with.