“I’m a search marketing ‘hacker.’ I love finding clever, imaginative and low risk technical marketing solutions to make search engines do profitable things for my clients’ sites.” – Hamlet Batista

Our Services

We offer a variety of SEO services, including, but not limited to these:

Full SEO Audits
Platform Migration Assistance
Search Penalty Removal
Proprietary SEO Tools
  • Full SEO Audits

    Our Full SEO Audits include detailed reports that will show you what is currently wrong with your site from a technical SEO aspect, as well as giving you information and stats regarding your own site and the sites of your competitors. The reports include:

    • A Technical Review, which consists of:
      • An in depth diagnosis of your site’s technical health, which is meant to find inefficiency in crawling and indexing. These are some of the aspects of your site that we thoroughly look into: robots.txt, noindex, SEO friendly navigation, content visibility (for bots), crawler traps, duplicate content, canonicalization, stale content, xml sitemaps, pagination, and indexation rates.
      • Recommendations on how to improve these problems and measure their effect on SEO.
      • Help with implementing best practices for search snippets in order to increase Click Through Rates (CTR). This includes how to make great meta descriptions, titles, and effective use of structured data for rich snippets and authorship.
      •  Mobile optimization – we check your mobile site for SEO friendly architecture and canonicalization.
      • Page speed – we offer recommendations on how to improve your site’s performance.
      • Competitor benchmark – we compare the technical health of your site against your competitors’ sites in order to understand strengths and weaknesses and find additional opportunities for growth.
      • Internationalization – if you have the same or similar content intended for people in different countries, we help you optimize your SEO correctly.
    • A Link Analysis, which consists of:
      • An analysis of links to your site and links to your competitors’ sites in order to understand where and why they have links.
      • Determining opportunities for a few new high quality links (rather than lots of low quality links that risk being deemed as spam).
      • Spotting if any of your competitors are using blackhat strategies (things to avoid).
      •  In cases where links do not have SEO value,  we evaluate whether they still improve marketing/publicity (e.g., social profiles).
    • Keyword Research, which consists of:
      • Comprehensive keyword research, but in addition to providing you with specific keyword opportunities, we provide you with a process that you can continue to use as you develop your content over time. Ours will be the last keyword advice you ever need!
      • We show you how to focus on low-competition words, where you can quickly improve your rankings and find a nice niche for yourself.
      • We figure out which of your site’s keywords are driving traffic and sales and which aren’t. We then figure out why this is happening in order to better guide your choice of keywords.
    • Content Ideas, which consist of:
      • Analyzing the most popular content of your competitors in order to see if any of their content could serve as a model for you.
      • Finding ways to ignite word of mouth about your site, while building a community and getting users to contribute original content. This does two things: it provides quality content for SEO and builds a base of loyal customers.
    • Priorities
      • We rank each SEO issue by effort and impact.
      • Effort is the amount of effort required to fix the problem on your site.
      • Impact is the potential improvement in SEO performance that your site will experience after the problem has been fixed.
      • We prioritize our recommendations in order of least to greatest effort, so you can fix the small things before focusing on long-term projects.
      • Sometimes the easiest tasks can yield fantastic results. A small change in your robots.txt or noindex rules can completely change the way bots crawl and index your site. There’s no point in putting these off until you’ve completely re-designed your site’s navigation, or eliminated every broken link. We want to improve your SEO as quickly and easily as possible.
      • We provide specific KPIs to measure each of our SEO recommendations. We carefully track the impact of each change, and figure out how those changes affect conversions, not just rankings for keywords.
  • Platform Migration Assistance

    • Full migration audit – Our full migration audits will help you migrate to a new platform, or redesign your site without losing traffic. In fact, you might even gain traffic! A full migration audit includes the complete Technical SEO Audit described above, plus extensive redirect mapping and canonicalization.
      • We can create redirect maps for thousands of URLs, verify your existing redirect maps, and monitor the performance of the redirections.
    • Migration recovery – If you’ve recently migrated to a new platform or redesigned without proper planning, you may have experienced a huge loss in search traffic. We can analyze your broken links, and help you implement a redirect strategy to regain your link equity, and get your new pages ranked and indexed.
  • Search Penalty Removal

    Our Link Audits are guaranteed to remove manual link penalties. We don’t stop our work until all manual penalties are revoked, no matter how severe they are. The audits include:

    • We use our proprietary link profiling tools to carefully cut down the amount of manual work required, while getting you back on track as quickly as possible.
    • We carefully classify all links manually by their type of spam as described by Google so it is easy to audit them before we ask for removals or disavow them.
    • We provide you with a detailed report of the link spam we find, including examples of bad links of each spam type.
    • Contacting site owners to request removal of bad links.
    • Preparing disavow files and reconsideration requests.
    • Performing as many passes as it takes to get your penalty lifted.

    Quality Guideline Violations

    • Do you suspect that your site has been penalized for violating Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines? We can help by providing these services for you:
      • Performing an in depth review of your site’s compliance with the Quality Guidelines. We will carefully analyze your site to see if it is violating any of the guidelines, including using automatically generated content, participating in link schemes, and using cloaking or sneaky redirects. We will go through every single guideline that Google mentions and assess if your site could be potentially violating the guidelines or not.
      • Providing recommendations on how to comply with the guidelines.
  • Content Marketing Strategy

    We offer unique Content Marketing Strategies that are specifically tailored for you. These marketing strategies are meant to greatly help you in the process of content creation. The strategies include:

    • An ongoing engagement with you to help you develop evergreen content that will attract links and traffic to your site, and that will ultimately lead to sales.
    • We work with copywriters and developers to create a content strategy that is unique to your site.
    • We develop a content calendar for you.
    • We help create the content for you. In the past, we have created webcasts, e-books, e-magazines, and much more for our clients.
  • Proprietary SEO Tools

    We take great pride in our proprietary SEO tools, that we created through years of experience and testing that help us to easily scale our work for you and fix many SEO issues quickly.

    Our custom software ensures that we are able to offer you SEO services that deliver exact precision. Our tools help to scale the services we offer you, which in turn means that we can locate and fix errors on your site as fast as possible, while also being as accurate as possible.

    We have created a variety of tools that help us perform scalable audits, and provide precise advice to even some of the web’s largest sites.

There are many companies and sites that deal with SEO and Internet Marketing. Many of them have done, and continue to do, an excellent job with traditional ideas. Unfortunately, knowing and doing what everybody else does is not a competitive advantage.

We are different. We are about applying the most advanced search marketing techniques, and we are led by one of the industry’s top SEO minds. Work with us and we will give you a significant edge over your competitors. Our secret weapon, the proprietary: Precision and Presence SEO Framework, is a fusion of Hamlet Batista’s 12 years of industry experience, research, and careful experimentation. We invite you to come along for the ride, explore, participate, push the limits of today’s SEO, and leave your competitors in the dust.

  • We Care About Our Clients

    We understand that the services that we provide could mean the difference between your company succeeding or closing its doors. We take our jobs seriously and we value our customers highly. We are interested in helping you grow as much as you can because we know that if you grow, we will grow with you. Learn More

  • Comprehensive SEO Audits

    Our comprehensive SEO audits are highly technical, but get results. Our techniques come from years of experience, research, and careful experimentation. We hate guessing, and don’t recommend changes unless we are sure they will positively impact your site. We start by analyzing your site to find out where and how big the opportunity is. Learn More

  • SEO Is Our Biggest Strength

    Many SEO experts, are now rebranding themselves as “Inbound Marketers” and offer a wide range of Internet Marketing services, including web design and graphic/logo design. We focus primarily on SEO because it makes it a lot easier to remain among the best in the industry. We have even created our own proprietary SEO tools to help us better assist you. Learn More

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Our Services

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Craig Winer

Year over year we’ve seen a massive 234% increase in visits, 159% increase in SEO revenue, and a 4.4% increase in time on page for these visitors. Hamlet Batista would have been worth it to us at twice the price. – Learn More

Craig WinerVice PresidentGarrett Wade Co
Victor Yacaman

As of January 2013, we had an increase of search traffic by 97%. As of February 2013, we saw a similar significant increase in organic traffic by 70%. Most significantly, we have duplicated our SEO revenue. – Learn More

Victor YacamanE-commerce DirectorLeonisa.com
Steve Milo

For February 2014, our organic traffic was up 85% over the previous year. I could not be more pleased with the way Hamlet has helped my e-business. He is not only an expert at business, but he is a genuinely nice person. – Learn More

Steve MiloFounder & OwnerVacation Rental Pros
Glenda Lehman Ervin

In 2014, for the month of February, we saw a 43% increase in revenues from Organic Search compared to January. That monthly growth also strongly contributed to a 45% TYD Organic Search revenue increase over 2013. – Learn More

Glenda Lehman ErvinVice President of MarketingLehmans.com
Faraz Qureshi

I would recommend Hamlet to any site looking to improve their SEO results – specifically large, complex sites that are looking to reach a niche audience. I also appreciate Hamlet’s continued generosity of his time. – Learn More

Faraz QureshiGeneral ManagerCruiseline.com
Dick Nelson

If you work with Hamlet, you’ll quickly discover that there is not an SEO road he has not been down and you’ll be getting the benefit of his exposure to what works and doesn’t work with his other clients. – Learn More

Dick NelsonCEOMarco Promotional Products

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Meet Our Leadership

Hamlet Batista

Hamlet Batista

Founder / CEO

Hamlet Batista is the owner of Hamlet Batista Group LLC, a leading edge marketing consultancy focused on enterprise-grade SEO services.
Prior to founding Hamlet Batista Group LLC, Hamlet co-invented Altruik’s Page Priority, a new enterprise- level SEO software product that pioneered automated resolution of site architecture issues. On average, clients experienced a double-digit increase in sales year over year from organic search and a patent was filed for this invention.

Some Career Highlights:

2002-2007: Top affiliate marketer, 1st page rankings in Google for Viagra, 7 figures in commissions

2005-2008, 2010: Inventor, granted patents for small business and enterprise SEO technology (RankSense®, Altruik’s Product Priority®)

2009-2011: Technical review editor. “The Art of SEO” – first and second editions

2012-Present: US EB1 Green Card Holder - Alien of Extraordinary Ability (Search Engine Optimization)

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