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There are many blogs about SEO and Internet Marketing. Many of them have done, and continue to do, a great job with traditional ideas. Unfortunately, knowing and doing what everybody else does is not a competitive advantage.

This blog is different. It’s about learning the most advanced Search and Internet marketing techniques, led by one of the industry’s top SEO thinkers. Here you will find advanced Internet marketing tips and techniques that give you an edge over your competitors. The ideas are totally original: a fusion of Hamlet Batista’s own experience, research and careful experimentation, along with his readers’ questions, ideas, and thought-provoking input. Come along for the ride and explore, participate and push the limits of today’s SEO.

About Hamlet Batista

Hamlet Batista is the owner of Hamlet Batista Group LLC, a leading edge marketing consultancy focused on enterprise-grade SEO services.
Prior to founding Hamlet Batista Group LLC, Hamlet co-invented Altruik’s Page Priority, a new enterprise- level SEO software product that pioneered automated resolution of site architecture issues. On average, clients experienced a double-digit increase in sales year over year from organic search and a patent was filed for this invention.

He is a Christian and happily married father of two, founded his first company, Nemedia S.A. in 2002. The company launched a unique and ground-breaking search engine optimization software program in 2008 that was in development for some time.

Hamlet’s story begins to the south: he was born and lived until recently in the beautiful tropical island of the Dominican Republic. He completed his education in Telecommunications Engineering in 1996 and has experienced many facets of the industry. Over time he moved from work as a Windows C++ Developer at a software outsourcing firm, to aUnix/Linux System Administrator position at a major international telecom, and finally to being IT Director of a small team of highly talented individuals at an online marketing firm. With no prior entrepreneurial experience and having no formal business training, he resigned from his job, and set out to start his own business.

As it happened, he was fortunate enough to run into one of the top online marketers who was still working for his previous employer. He wouldn’t say much, but what he did mention — pay-per-click, Viagra, and the almighty dollar — was enough to get Hamlet started.

Affiliate marketing was a concept he already knew well, at least from a programming standpoint. Hamlet had worked to create affiliate tracking software using Java for a former employer, but he was not familiar with the idea from a business perspective. After reading Ken Envoy’s “Affiliate Master Course,” he had the information he needed to set the wheels in motion.

The plan was to start a software company. With Nemedia S.A., Hamlet Batista achieved just that: a 20+ person search engine marketing firm. 

RankSenseTM, a software product for small to business owners looking to simplify their SEO, was granted an US patent a few years after the founding of the company. It went on to receive WebHost Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award in December of 2008. The accomplishment did not go unnoticed. Shortly afterward, Altruik Inc helped Hamlet move to New York City to co-invent what is now known as their Product PriorityTM software. Altruik uses the same software to provide big name clients like The Home Depot with an automated SEO solution for delivering optimal online sales.

During this time, Hamlet has also been involved in a number of ongoing projects. He did technical reviews for the first and second editions of The Art of SEO, and he has spoken at several high profile conferences including the Search Marketing Expo and Affiliate Convention. In 2009, The Art of SEO was voted the Best SEO book by Search Engine Land.

Having taken some heavy hits early on and learned from his mistakes, Hamlet realizes the importance of sharing his stories of success and failure with others. His aim is to help other young entrepreneurs gain confidence and build their dreams without taking unnecessary risks or having to make huge financial sacrifices. This blog has been his continued effort to give something back to the community that has been so good to him.


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"This is one of the greatest SEO minds around. After just one year working for him, I am finding great success with my own companies. If you can understand 10% of what he says, you'll be successful"

MIchael Payne — Majority Partner, Profit Bridge, Inc.

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