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Why Google needs a supplemental index?

Search engines researchers use two main concepts to identify the success of search engine algorithms:  precision and recall. Precision measures how accurate the algorithm is in finding the best matches for our searches.  Recall measures how comprehensive the algorithm is in finding as many relevant results as possible. In their effort to fight spam Google […]

Visitors intentions and correct landing pages

One of the most often-overlooked aspects of search engine marketing is building sites and doing keyword research without first considering the importance of understanding the visitors and giving the right information they seek. For a successful campaign, there needs to exist a website that is designed with a clear path that leads the visitor to […]

The power of custom built software

One of the key things that helped me move quickly to super affiliate — I started earning 5 figures per month after six months — was the fact that I knew how to create scripts and systems to help me do the repetitive stuff. I usually did everything manually first, and once I could see […]

Long tail for PPC?

If you have read a lot about search marketing and specifically pay per click, you have probably heard about the phrase “long tail keywords”. I was fortunate enough to learn about this early and I was able to exploit it very well in Overture — now Yahoo Search Marketing. The idea is to try to […]

SEO 2.0 is all about links

Similar to the versioning used for the web (web 1.0, web 2.0, web 3.0), I like to version SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as well. In SEO 1.0, in order to achieve high rankings, SEOs simply needed to include the phrases they wanted to rank enough times to get to the first positions.  Back then, it […]

What?, How? and Work!

One of the first lessons I’ve learned from life, is that many people achieve success by taking completely different routes. For me, every time I want to pursue a new venture I ask myself:  What is the great opportunity most people are overlooking?  How can I take advantage of it and do it better? When […]