The Company

Vacation Rental Pros is an e-commerce travel website with over 500 vacation rental homes and condos available to their customers. They also own a property management company, Vacation Rental Pros Property that offers rental management services to homeowners. The majority of their bookings come from their website, so SEO plays a large role in their business.

The Challenge

Fix Reduced Traffic from Website Update & Remove Google Penalties

Vacation Rental Pros had two major issues regarding SEO. As they state:

A year ago, I launched a new updated website and immediately began to see issues with reduced traffic from our Organic Search.

The new website update that Vacation Rental Pros had created ended up resulting in reduced organic search traffic. They decided to turn to the Hamlet Batista Group in order to help them with this reduced organic traffic.  As they said:

I hired Hamlet to analyze my online organic traffic and website structure and to advise me of ways to improve.

While we were looking into this issue, we uncovered another major SEO issue. As they stated:

In August of 2013, Hamlet noticed that our organic search was beginning to decline based on reports he was running. After careful research and analysis, he concluded a part of our web site was being penalized by Google.

While analyzing the Vacation Rental Pros website we noticed that it seemed as if Google had penalized them for the link spam produced by their previous SEO agency.

Our Approach

We took a technical approach in helping Vacation Rental Pros with their low organic search traffic. First, we audited their website from a technical SEO perspective, and then we informed them of the issues that their site was encountering. We then gave them recommendations on how to fix these issues.

Regarding their penalty, we decided that the best route of action would be to contact Google directly. As Vacation Rental Pros stated:

Hamlet then took the time to contact Google to determine the issues.   It was determined we had links created by a previous ad agency that were considered to be commercial and/or link farms.

The Solution

Our solution for helping Vacation Rental Pros came from the implementation of the recommendations that we offered them. As they stated:

Hamlet immediately found issues with the new web site’s structure and redirects that he was able to correct in a few weeks.

We thoroughly analyzed every single aspect of their website, to make sure that every possible step could be taken to better their site from a technical SEO viewpoint. We were there to walk Vacation Rental Pros through each step of our recommendations and helped them whenever they had any questions or issues regarding the implementation process.

We then systematically reviewed each of their incoming links in order to remove the penalty that Google gave them due to link spam. As Vacation Rental Pros said:

Hamlet worked with Google to disavow these links and to also contact these sites and to get them removed.

The Results

We are very proud to say after we worked with Vacation Rental Pros their organic search traffic not only recovered, but improved, and their penalties were removed. As they state:

Although this whole process of getting out of Google penalties took several months, Hamlet was dedicated and focused throughout the entire process and never lost confidence that it would get resolved in our favor. By December, the Google penalties were lifted and our organic traffic actually increased. For the month of February 2014, our organic traffic was up 85% over the previous year.

We were also able to help Vacation Rental Pros increase their revenue in different ways. As they said:

Hamlet has also made some changes in my marketing strategies and led me to a new technological solution that I was surprised I could afford. Hamlet has helped me increase my revenue in some surprising ways.

We are glad to report that Vacation Rental Pros has been very satisfied with their decision to hire us. As they state:

I made the decision to keep Hamlet on a monthly retainer and I definitely made the right decision.

I could not be more pleased with the way Hamlet has helped my e-business. Hamlet is not only an expert at making business improvements, but a genuinely nice person. Hamlet patiently answered my many questions, explained technical concepts with which I was not familiar, and made me feel comfortable with the changes.

If you are looking for ways to grow your e-business on the organic search side, make your web site more efficient, and produce more for less cost, I highly recommend Hamlet Batista’s consulting services. I believe that you would be very pleased with the results. Please feel free to contact me for more information at 904-707-1487 or stevemilo@yahoo.com